My name is Katy.
I'm a photographer, and I like weird things.
I work in an abandoned asylum.
I'm also a paranormal investigator.
If you'd like to know more about myself or where I work, send me an ask.

20th August 2013

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Halloween is coming up, and for anyone looking for that interesting type of decor or even a gift, check out my Etsy shop. Featuring Jewelry Boxes, Wall Art, Skulls, and Clocks.

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15th May 2013

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Hey guys, I sell weird stuff and I’m trying to pay my car insurance after I’ve been out of work for over a month. It’d be rad if you guys could check my shop out

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12th May 2013

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11th May 2013

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10th May 2013

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10th May 2013

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9th May 2013

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9th May 2013

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9th May 2013

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15th April 2013

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